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August 22 - Tonight we'll attempt to finish the three assignments on PPT132-135 (Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Enhanced Fats & Home Safety). Your Final Exam will be Wednesday night!

August 17 - Tonight in class we'll do four exercises connected to PowerPoint Chapter 1: Lab 1-1 Credit (pp.PPT69-71), Lab 1-2 Hybrids (pp.PPT71-73), Lab 1-3 Part One Spring Seminars (pp.PPT74-75), and Lab 1-3 Part Two Fall Seminars (pp.PPT75-77). For Monday night, read PowerPoint Chapter 2.

August 15 - Complete the three assignments listed on the Readings page. You may need to go to the Shelly Cashman link to download the files for this Chapter.

August 10 - In addition to reviewing the Groom n Fluff and Keep It Green assignments, we'll begin a lengthy assignment using the JMS TechWizards database we created last week. Please note that completion of this assignment requires you to print queries 1-10 and one crosstab (pp.AC131-132). For Monday, read PowerPoint Chapter 1.

August 8 - Tonight we'll begin Access Chapter 2 by doing additional work on the JSP Recruiters database. Our objective is to complete all the changes on pp.AC74-127. Your assignments for Wednesday are to complete the exercises on pp.AC128-29 (The Bike Delivers - 4 printouts), AC129-130 (Groom n Fluff - 4 printouts - skip instruction #1) and AC 130-131 (Keep It Green - 2 printouts).

August 3 - For Monday please read Access Chapter 2 (pp.74-127). Complete the JMS TechWizards database exercise on pp.AC67-68. Also produce 3 reports of your choice from the data in Case 1-1 Second-Hand Goods exercise on pp.AC71.

August 1 - For Wednesday night please complete the assignments on pp.AC64-67, The Bike Delivers, Camden Scott College & SciFi Scene.

July 27 - For Monday please read Access Chapter 1 (pp.AC1-64).

July 25 - Tonight we will complete the Excel Chapter 2 "Silver Dollars Stock Club" exercise (pp.EX82-143). Your homework is to complete the three exercises on Excel pp.145-149; use the files on your flash drives or retrieve them from the Readings page. Your midterm exam will be Wednesday night from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

July 20 - Tonight we will do the following in-class exercises: Kona's Expresso Coffee (EX74-75)...Scissors Office Supply (EX75-77)...College Cost & Financial Support Worksheet (EX77-79). For Monday, Read Excel Chapter 2 (EX82-159). Don't forget - your midterm exam is a week from tonight!

July 18 - Complete the following assignments: Spoke-Up Bicycle Shop (EX70-71)...Pack-n-Away Shipping (WD72-3)...Book Sales (WD73-74). We will continue working with Excel files on Wednesday.

July 13 - For Monday complete these Word exercises: Make It Right 2-1 Certification Paper Draft (WD136-37), Computer Forensics Specialist (WD138-39), Antivirus Programs (WD140-41) and Composing A Research Paper from Notes (WD142). Also, please read Excel Chapter 1 (EX1-69).

July 11 - Please read Word Chapter 2 (WD73-132) for Wednesday. Your written homework is to finish these projects from Chapter 1: Autumn Fest Flyer (WD63-64), Baseball Sign Ups Flyer (WD65), Scenic Air (WD67-68), and Rent A Cabin (WD70-71). Finish the Chapter 2 project (Wireless Communications), then do the exercises on WD133-35 (Apply 2-1 Software Paragraphs Draft) and WD135-36 (Extend 2-1 Computing Options Paper Draft). Find the materials necessary for these exercises on the Readings page.

July 6 - For Monday read Microsoft Word Chapter 1 (WD1-71).

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