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Instructor: Ed Brouder e-mail | 603-668-0652

June 17 - Your Final Exam will be sent to you by e-mail before the end of the week; it is due at the beginning of next Wednesday's class. Also, your final five-page website is due with completed graphics, text content, alt tags and meta tags.

June 10 - Read Chapters 15 & 16 and keep working on your web project - use your checklist!

June 3 - Next week we'll cover Chapters 13 & 14. Your written assignment is to find a website that hasn't been designed responsively, that is, using a fluid grid layout. The way to be sure is to look at a site and compare it on a smartphone, laptop (or tablet) and desktop. Write down the URL and a couple of paragraphs about the resulting problems; we'll display what you find on the overhead projector.

May 27 - Complete your Midterm Exam and bring it with you to the next class; read Chapters 11-12..

May 20 - For next week:

  • use Photoshop to create navigational buttons for your site
  • create a simple image map
  • take this 20-question CSS quiz; print out the results and bring them to class
  • read Chapters 8-10

May 13 - Read Chapters 6 & 7. Your written assignment is to identify the client for your website. Propose a navigation scheme (identify the page names, where the navigation will appear on screen, and how it will look). Create a rough wireframe of each of the pages.

May 6 - Read through Chapter 5 of your textbook. Next week you will be asked to identify the client for the web site you will create.

Your Class Project is due on June 24. Here is the Class Glossary.