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Instructor: Ed Brouder e-mail | 603-668-0652

Oct. 14 - Your 3-minute feature interview is next week along with your completed Final Exam.

Oct. 7 - Please read Chapters 11 & 12. Your 3-minute music montage is due next week.

Sept. 30 - Click here for your Midterm Exam; please return it to me by e-mail by Monday, Oct. 5. Next week your 90-second sound effects narrative is due.

Sept. 23 - Your 60-second commercial is due next week. Next week I'll give you a take-home Midterm Exam.

Sept. 16 - Keep reading the textbook and practicing with the Lesson files. For next Wednesday please submit your printed :60 commercial script; it is due on the following Wednesday!

Sept. 9 - By this Friday, e-mail me your revised script for the 30-second commercial that is due next week. There will be class time available tonight and next Wednesday to complete the recording and editing.

Sept. 2 - Read the first four chapters of the textbook and be sure to bring your headphones and flash drive to every class! (1) Visit Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch to find examples of humorous commercials. Write down the location of 2 or 3 spots because you will be asked to play them and explain why they are effective. (2) Also, write a 30-second commercial for an actual product or service; this will be one of the commercials you produce for your final project (see below). Print it out for me to review.

Class Audio Project:
1. 30-second commercial - due date 9/16/15 ( Easthampton w/out SFX; with SFX; Egglands)
2. 60-second commercial - due date 9/30/15 ( Emergency Management)
3. 90-second SFX narrative - due date 10/7/15 ( morning routine; horror; more horror;
3. 90-second SFX narrative - due date 4/14/15 ( going on a date to a party; amusement park)
4. 3-minute edited music montage - due date 10/14/15 ( Beatles; Christmas Brass; video games;
4. 3-minute edited music montage - due date 4/16/15 - love songs; Rush montage)
3-minute feature interview - due date 10/21/15 ( D-Day; Arethusa)