Instructor: Ed Brouder | 603-668-0652

August 18 - Your Final Exam is due at the start of Thursday's class.

August 13 - I will distribute your Final Exam on Tuesday; it is due at the start of Thursday's class. Be sure to allocate sufficient time for both the exam and your final deliverables!

August 11 - Keep working on your deliverables.

August 6 - Read this article and write an essay reacting to it. Where do you stand on "borrowing" images, text or concepts from websites? What should be legal and what shouldn't? Continue working on your deliverables.

August 4 - Keep working on your deliverables.

July 30 - Keep working on your deliverables. Please read through Chapter 11 by Tuesday.

July 28 - For Thursday please read the article entitled Adapting QA, Testing to Meet Mobile Application Performance Demand and write an analysis of it. Which points do you agree or disagree with and why? Also, read Chapter 10.

July 23 - In addition to reading Chapter 9, do some research and find two websites that detail corporate brand standards for a large organization or commercial product. Write a summary about the appropriateness and completeness of the standards (be sure to include the link).

July 21 - Your Midterm Exam is due at the start of Thursday's class. (sitemap)

July 16 - For Tuesday read Chapter 7 and keep working on your project deliverables. On Tuesday I'll give you a take-home Midterm Exam; it is due at the start of Thursday's class.

July 14 - Familiarize yourself with Clockwork Media's Process Overview. Write a short paper explaining which of the stages you envision playing a role in our 280Design project. Be specific about how you fit into the stages of the process (that means reading each of the 17 cheat sheets). Also, read Chapter 6.

July 9 - Your assignments for Tuesday are (1) to read Chapter 5 and (2) create a tentative timeline that schedules actual dates for all of the project deliverables (you will have time in class to work on this as a team). A template will be provided as soon as your 280Design logo is finalized.

July 7 - Read Chapter 4 and prepare a draft proposal for your 280Design deliverables (sample).

July 2 - Be thinking about possible deliverables for the 280Design project. Read through Chapter 3 of the textbook. Also read this article about HTML5 and write a short paper outlining the impact you think this will have in the online world.

June 30 - Your homework is to read Chapter 1. Also, do some online research to learn the differences between the waterfall and agile methods of production. Write a short paper explaining advantages and disadvantages; be sure to document your sources! The paper should be double-spaced, minimum font size 12. Finally, each of you should come to class with suggestions for a logo for 280Design, our in-class creative agency.