Instructor: Ed Brouder | 603-668-0652

June 23 - Your Final Exam is due at the start of Thursday's class, then each of you will present your final WordPress sites via the overhead projector.

June 18 - Your assignment is to visit each other's WordPress sites and post comments on the blog. Please put some thought into what you write and make your comments substantial. The links are:


June 16 - Steve Morin will be in on Thursday; since it will be our last meeting with him, come prepared with all of your WordPress questions! Also, the following assignment is based on Google's SEO Starter Guide. Take this 20-question quiz. I am looking for very specific answers from the Google document.

June 11 - Assume you and some friends have decided to create a website for college students to buy and sell used household furnishings. Design and create an Access database to manage this new business. Design the necessary table using the data from this document. Create and print one query, one form and one report of your choosing.

June 9 - On Thursday I intend to do a lesson on databases so we might meet in a different room. We'll start in the Mac Lab and then relocate. Do some basic research on databases and be sure to read Chapter 6 (Data Management).

June 4 - Bring to Tuesday's class some tagged content to show how it will be databased in The Loop.

June 2 - Your written assignment is to find a website that hasn't been designed responsively, that is, using a fluid grid layout. The way to be sure is to look at a site and compare it on a smartphone, laptop (or tablet) and desktop. Write down the URL and a couple of paragraphs about the resulting problems; we'll display what you find on the overhead projector.

May 28 - Your Midterm Exam is due at the start of class on Tuesday.

May 25 - Steve Morin will be in on Thursday do a CSS lesson. Also come prepared with your WordPress questions.

May 21 - Continue working on your WordPress sites. For Tuesday finish your basic navigation scheme and page template.

May 19 - Setup your project sites on the WordPress server; be prepared to show us some basic designs on Thursday (link to log-in page).

May 14 - First of all, the Group Project for this course has become four individual projects with similar objectives. Ronin Digital will provide server space so each of you can build your own WordPress site on their server. For Tuesday please write a detailed proposal for your personal piece of the project including:

  • the overall theme of your website
  • a wireframe
  • page hierarchy
  • navigation
  • how you plan to incorporate a content management systems
  • how you will incorporate search engine optimization
  • how you will incorporate cascading style sheets.

May 12 - Here is the bio for Steve Morin, owner of Ronin Digital, who will be assisting you in your project with WordPress and other Content Management Systems this semester. He'll be speaking to the class on Thursday morning. Please get acquainted with his background and come prepared with questions.

May 5 - Read the first two chapters of the textbook and be sure to bring your flash drive to every class!