Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications

Instructor: Ed Brouder e-mail | 603-668-0652


Course: Digital Audio Production (Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30 p.m., January 8 - February 12, 2020)

Description: Students will learn to record, edit and mix audio using digital software for production and distribution to various media, including web, podcast, radio and video. Topics will include microphone selection & technique, compression, sampling & audio file formats.SP

Objectives: To create and present three audio projects in a professional manner:
Objectives: 1. 30-second commercial (example: Egglands commercial
Egglands commercial)
Objectives: 2. 3-minute music montage (example: love songs music montage love songs | video game music montage video games)
Objectives: 3. 3-minute feature interview (example: D-Day interview D-Day interview; Arethusa interview Arethusa)

What you need: laptop computer
What you need: Adobe Audition or Audacity (click to download)
What you need: USB flash drive (maybe 2!)
What you need: microphone
What you need: headphones (optional)

  WEEK #1: Commercials | Connectors | Glossary | History of Recording | Microphones | audio for counting exercise Counting exercise  

  WEEK #2: Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville's phonautograph | Au Clair de la Lune audio
WEEK #2: The Father of Audio Production | female choir | Bridge Interview exercise
WEEK #2: String Harp (to be opened in Microsoft Sound Recorder)
WEEK #2: videos: Audacity 2017 | Beginners Guide
WEEK #2: videos: Getting started with Audacity: Mixing multiple tracks

  WEEK #3: Multitrack visual | narration in need of editing
WEEK #3: male solo singer (use Audacity to apply effects)
WEEK #3: Siemasko music montage #1 | Beatles montage #2


WEEK #4: videos: What Happened to Equalization in Audacity 2.3.3? | Adobe Audition 2020 Review (New Features)
WEEK #4: videos: Adobe Audition - Easily remix music to fit your video
WEEK #4: music: Kalimba | Sleep Away | Maid with the Flaxen Hair


  WEEK #5: examples of feature interviews
WEEK #5: NH Primary '76 | Shaw Brothers profile | Phone Call for Mr. Lyons

  WEEK #6: videos: Journey of Sound to the Brain | What Does Sound Look Like?  

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