Description: This course will introduce students to interviewing skills for building better content. Topics covered in this class include crafting effective leads, writing and editing interviews, interviewing techniques and turning your interviews into content for marketing, public relations and organizational communications. Practice in class and take your finished products back to your work or volunteer projects.

Instructor Ed Brouder is an award-winning journalist. He has worked at radio stations in Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire for 48 years, including 17 years as a news editor at WZID/WFEA/WMLL in Manchester. He is currently heard on NH Public Radio. Ed is an adjunct professor of communications at Nashua Community College and has taught at other institutes of higher education.


Week #1 (Sept. 15): 11 Examples of Content Creation | Media Writing Basics | AP Style | Letter Perfect: Why English Is So Hard |
Week #1 (Sept. 15): Recognize A Verb When You Find One | Cliches: Avoid Them Like the Plague | Assignment #1

Week #2 (Sept. 22): Its Time: That Olí Apostrophe Again | The Perfect Lede | Samples of Strong Ledes | Sources
Week #2 (Sept. 22): Readings: How Journalists Can Become Better Interviewers | The Art of the Interview
Week #2 (Sept. 22): Readings: Interviewing for Content Creation (Or Tips to Get Them to Say What You Need)
Week #2 (Sept. 22):
Assignment #2 | Assignment #3

Week #3 (Sept 29): Audacity software download | YouTube video: How to Use Audacity 2020 | demo: Adobe Audition 2020
Week #3 (Sept. 29):Microphone Basics |video: Journey of Sound to the Brain | sample audio feature: Recollections of D-Day
Week #3 (Sept. 29)

Week #4 (Oct. 6): Readings: Opinion: The Rise of Soccer Clubs as Media Content Distributors | The Ultimate Guide to Content Creation
Week #4 (Oct. 6): Readings: How to Get Great Audio for Podcast Interviews |
Week #4 (Oct. 6): Affordable quality digital recorders: Sony PX470 | Tascam DR-05X |

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