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Media Headlines | Media Portal | textbook website
Erik Qualman's Socialnomics site - especially good social media material
NPR's On The Media web site
Editor & Publisher
Media Bistro.com
Adbusters - an organization that offers smart insights into our consumer culture
Ads of the World - a commercial archive for the best and most creative ad work
Gender Ads Project - a growing collection of advertisements categorized into various topical areas
Strategic Business Insights' VALS survey
Alliance for Audited Media
Motion Picture Association of America
NH Film Festival in Portsmouth (Oct. 15-18, 2015)
Newseum - the world's most interactive museum in Washington, DC
Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, IL
Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY
The Internet Archive in San Francisco - see how websites used to look
Free Press - fights for your rights to connect and communicate
RIAA - trade organization representing the music industry
Entertainment Rating Software Board - assigns rating information for computer and video games
Advertising Age

Press releases from: PSNH
Elliot Hospital
State of NH Dept. of Health & Human Services
State of NH Dept. of Transportation
Manchester Police