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Feb. 25 - Here is your Final Exam. Please e-mail it to me by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.

Feb. 18 - Please read the remainder of the textbook. By Friday, so some research to find a case study involving an American media outlet and the Freedom of Information Act. Do a written summary of the story and explain whether or not you think the FOI request resulted in the media audience having a better understanding of the story. Next Tuesday I will give you your Final Exam which is to be returned by 5PM on Thursday, Feb. 27th.

Feb. 11 - Your written assignment for Friday is to listen to this short interview with American Red Cross publicity director Betty Hugh in New Orleans. She is talking about the impact of Hurricane Audrey and its impact on Cameron, Louisiana. Write a newspaper article summarizing the major developments (5Ws), and be sure to include several direct quotations. Your written assignment for next week is to write your own obituary following the guidelines in Chapter 16. Make the writing capture the theme of your life. Also, read Chapters 18-20.

Feb. 4 - Choose a news article from a newspaper or magazine and rewrite it for use on the web. Include appropriate hyperlinks and suggest lists of bullet points or other graphic treatments. Follow the 10 guidelines in Chapter 12. Your paper should be 2-3 pages double-spaced. E-mail it to me by Friday. Also, read Chapters 15-17.

Jan. 28 - Please complete your Midterm Exam and return it to me via e-mail by Friday at 5:00 p.m. For next Tuesday, read Chapters 12-14.

Jan. 21 - By Friday, complete exercise #4 on p.128. It requires you to conduct Internet research on several specific pieces of information.

For next week complete exercise #4 on p.165 by writing a one-page article about the minimum wage. Also read Chapters 9-11. Next week I will give you your take-home Midterm Exam.

Jan. 14 - By Friday, complete an exercise based on Ch. 4/Interviewing. Assume New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan was going to appear at Mount Washington College and you were going to have a chance to interview her for an article on the MWC website. Write a background memo (research her career) and write five open-ended questions and five closed-ended questions you would ask her.

For next Tuesday complete Exercise #2 on pp.107-108 of your book based on Chapter 5/Handling Quotations & Attributions. Also read Chapters 6-8.

Jan. 7 - For Friday read the article entitled "Five Resolutions You Can Make To Become A Better Journalist in 2013" and write a critique of it. What do you think of the author's ideas? E-mail your critique by Friday.

For Tuesday, read Chapters 1-6 and read Appendix 2 (pp.499-505) to become familiar with the basics of wire-service style summary. Your first written assignment is to pick a Manchester or Boston half-hour TV newscast and make a written log of the stories it carries. Note details. Did the anchor deliver the entire story or did a reporter do a video package? Was there natural sound or video actualities? Then pick the front section of a Manchester or Boston newspaper from the same day and log the front-page stories. Note details of whether wire service reports were used or did the paper assign its own reporter? Bring your two lists for comparison.