Instructor: Ed Brouder | 603-668-0652

August 18 - Your Final Exam is due at the start of Thursday's class.

August 13 - Your final written assignment for the course is to write a script for an interactive advertisement. You'll need to identify a real product and specify what type of advertising you plan (radio, TV, print, web, mobile, kiosk, etc.). Write a walkthrough and/or treatment (whichever is more applicable), then draft the rough copy and production concept. Include a storyboard or flowchart if appropriate.

August 11 - Your written assignment for Thursday is to visit the Virtual Exhibitions page of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Pick one of the exhibits, explore it, then write an in-depth critique of it. What did you like...what would you improve? Remember that these are interactive exhibits rather than immersive exhibits. Your reading assignment is the "Search for People" pages of the AP Stylebook (pp.384-387); be prepared to discuss.

August 6 - Write a proposal for an immersive exhibit (refer to Ch. 14 notes). Address the goals and challenges (you might be able to adapt the interactive multimedia narrative game you wrote about last week). Be as specific as possible about a concept you would design for a museum or public exhibition space. How would you involve the audience?

August 4 - No written homework for Thursday!

July 30 - Take a crack at writing an interactive multimedia narrative game on a subject of your choice. Specify the forms of communication and provide detailed descriptions of the main character(s). Address the elements of exposition, conflict, climax, resolution; explain the POV, jeopardy and pace (Ch. 17). Which of the (Ch. 18) structures will you choose as most appropriate? Don't do a detailed script, but do address the basic questions of Program Description & Background, Goals, Challenges (Ch. 19). Since your idea isn't real you don't have to address Response.

July 28 - Read the "Social Media Guidelines" chapter of the AP Stylebook (pp.379-382) and be prepared to discuss.

July 23 - Your assignment is to complete your Midterm Exam; it is due at the start of Tuesday's class.

July 21 - Read the "New Story Forms" chapter in the AP Stylebook (pp.376-378). Write a paper giving examples of as many of the types as you can find from news websites; screenshots will be helpful in case the sites change frequently.

July 16 - Your written assignment is to pick a website you are familiar with and explain which of the five types of basic sites it is (Ch. 11). Write what you believe is the goal of the site and define the project using these guidelines. Create the appropriate flowchart to map the site. Include a User Scenario (p.2 of Ch. 10).

July 14 - Read the "Statement of News Values" chapter from the AP Stylebook (pp.307-320) and be prepared to discuss.

July 9 - Write a rough design for a website that is intended to inform. Use any of the tools we have discussed in class (text, flowcharts, outlines, sitemaps, treatments, walkthroughs or scripts) to explain the goal of the site and how the user will maximize the experience of your interactive approach. Be specific about what information-based tasks the user will be able to perform.

July 7 - Please complete the attached quiz; it is based on the Chapter 1-5 lecture notes on the Readings page. Also, read the AP Stylebook chapter on Punctuation (pp.296-306).

July 2 - Your assignment is to explore the Internet and find one example each of a site with (1) a financial calculator with opportunities to input data and see visual results in charts or graphs; (2) a product search with text, audio & visual elements that allow the user to see how their search terms affect product choices; (3) an E-learning course with exercises, examples or other types of interactions; and (4) an online interactive game. Write a paragraph describing each site and assess its interactive capabilities. Be sure to include links (screenshots are even better).

June 30 - Start familiarizing yourself with the AP Stylebook.